Looking for the perfect place to relax by the sea? Then you will be delighted by the modern apartments in Kunigiškės. It is one of the most attractive places to relax by the sea, located between the center of Palanga and Šventoji. We offer to use one of our services: apartments for rent in Kunigiškės. Here you will find excellent transport links, surrounded by nature, a short distance to the sea. Those who like active recreation will be delighted by the seaside bicycle path (Palanga – Šventoji) and walking paths built in the nearby pine forest.

The distance to the bike path from the apartments is only 0.1 km. Other important sights are also nearby. Well, you will see the Baltic Sea just 0.6 km from the apartments. Other benefits await you: ready parking space; a children’s playground; attractive and modern interior of the apartments and an ideally arranged environment. The apartments are located in a unique place of Palanga, which will allow you to enjoy the fresh air of the pine forest all year round, every day, morning and evening.

Kunigiškės is a very attractive and quiet place for family recreation by the sea. It is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by coastal pine forests. However, there is no shortage of entertainment for vacationers. There are SPA centers, cafes and other attractions in Kunigiškės. Well, the distance to the center of Palanga is only 4.5 km. You can reach the heart of Palanga by bicycle or car. There are also shuttle buses that run every half hour.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the most important object for vacationers – the Baltic Sea and its beaches. The latter in Kunigiškės stand out for their cleanliness and much smaller flow of vacationers. It is especially attractive for families to relax or for romantic trips by the sea. Kunigiškės is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities, regain inner peace and breathe in the fresh air of pine forests. At the same time, enjoy luxuriously furnished apartments with everything you need for a quality holiday.

Our service, apartment rent in Kunigiškės, is a great way to spend a holiday or leisure on the seaside in both winter and summer. Still wondering where to relax by the sea? Not worth it! Wake up, wake up to the roar of the sea and breathe in the fresh air of the pine forests while enjoying a peaceful break by the Baltic Sea! We invite you to spend your vacation in Kunigiškės!


Butų nuoma Kunigiškėse

Apartment No. 8

Butų nuoma Kunigiškėse

Apartment No. 14

Dviejų miegamųjų apartamentai su terasa

Apartment with terrace No. 3

Dviejų miegamųjų apartamentai su balkonu

Apartment No. 7

Apartment No. 16 „Comfort“: two bedroom apartment with terrace

Apartment with terrace No. 17

Apartment with terrace No. 18

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